Where Does Chiropractic Fit Into the Neuroendocrine Response of the Body for Weight Gain and Loss?

Where Does Chiropractic Fit Into the Neuroendocrine Response of the Body for Weight Gain and Loss?

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First, it’s important to realize that the whole topic of how the nervous system is integrated with all the hormones in the body is quite complicated. For that reason, we can only touch on some aspects of it.

But please read on because it will be a lot easier to understand than you think!


There are some basic facts you must have to get the most from this article:

  1. There are several ways a person gains weight. First of all, hormone levels can be out of balance.

    An insufficiency of thyroid hormones is known to cause weight gain, and too many thyroid hormones means weight loss without trying. Thyroid hormone levels also influence moods, and it’s common for those with hypothyroidism to be depressed, and those with hyperthyroidism to be simply bouncing off the walls.

    Low levels of melatonin can cause weight gain – and depression. High levels of cortisol will cause belly fat and obesity. Adrenal fatigue can cause weight gain – and depression.

    Often it’s not only one of the hormones that is out of balance. It’s several at the same time. Thus, it makes sense to work on ALL the hormones at the same time, not just a few isolated ones.

  2. Antidepressants work on multiple systems in the body, not just serotonin levels. Once they raise serotonin, there’s potential trouble in the body. Insulin levels soar, which causes low blood sugar. Then the high levels of serotonin affect heart valves and blood vessels in the lungs. You can end up with damage to the body.

    And do you really get the relief you need? Researchers tell us that 55-60% of people with depression don’t respond successfully to antidepressant therapy.

  3. Because antidepressants make serotonin levels spike, likewise, cortisol levels and adrenaline increase; this in turn causes weight gain and adrenal exhaustion. But the antidepressants don’t do anything to alleviate the high levels of cortisol. This can result in damage to the adrenal glands.
  4. Chiropractic adjustments help integrate the nervous system with the rest of the body. This is why you instantly feel better by the end of your chiropractic adjustment and visit.

So now that you understand the background, we can put it all together simply.

Why use antidepressants that are going to drive the body further into hormonal disruption when you can use natural therapies such as chiropractic?

Here are the results from some of the studies of chiropractic done on how it influences these hormonal systems, as well as the way it affects immunity:

  1. Chiropractic adjustments influence the immune system, causing an increase of all the right types of cells to keep your immune system strong. This is called immune system modulation. The receptors for the hormones that affect the nervous system are found on T cells of the immune system.
  2. Kids who have received chiropractic care use fewer medications, including antibiotics.
  3. Chiropractic adjustments affect cells involved in the inflammatory response in the body. Many people with obesity have widespread (systemic) inflammation.
  4. Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress, and lower cortisol levels.

As you lower the levels of cortisol, you likewise start to lose excessive weight.

Get the immune system working properly and you aren’t depressed, plus you don’t need additional damaging medications.

Getting rid of the inflammation in the body can also help you start to lose weight.

And reducing stress will help your body shift back to fat-burning, not fat-storing.

And all this is possible with chiropractic.

It doesn’t mean you won’t still watch what you eat, and keep an eye on the serving sizes on your plate. But it does mean that if you take the stress off the nervous system you could greatly help your own progress in weight loss. Think about it.

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