How Losing Weight Puts Significant Money In Your Pocket

weight loss can save you money

Although it may seem surprising to you, what you’re about to discover can significantly increase your bottom line, keeping more cash in your pocket. In fact, reports now show that by improving your health while losing weight in Fort Wayne, you can not only save money by decreasing your risk of illness but can actually aid in your ability to increase your income. In other words, by investing in your goal to lose weight, you actually may be positioning yourself to have more energy, more confidence, feel better, and have more money.

Listen, if you’re like most people, making a few extra bucks or even saving a few extra bucks can be a great thing. This means that as you begin working towards your weight-loss goals and by choosing to lose weight there are benefits that far surpass the obvious. After all, losing weight to look better, feel better, and regain health are all important, but to additionally have a financial incentive makes it even better yet!

Here’s what we know: According to numerous studies, being overweight or obese can have detrimental effects on health. As the numbers on the scale go up, symptoms and conditions from musculoskeletal pains, to increased blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and depression also increase. Even small amounts of increased body weight can lead to immediate as well as chronic physical, emotional, and psychological illness.

Furthermore, to make things even worse, the World Health Organization shows that nearly 40% of adults worldwide are now overweight with an additional 13% being obese. Simply put, this means that since the 1980’s, these rates have more than doubled.

“So how does this affect your pocket book?”… You may be thinking.

Well, according to the NCBI, health care costs have considerably increased as a result of people being overweight. For each BMI (Body Mass Index) point above normal, the average cost of employee insurance increases substantially. Being overweight not only drives up the risk of sickness but also increases healthcare expenditures and insurance premiums. This creates continued soaring costs across the board. Likewise, obesity-related spending then creates higher individual rates, where the average health insurance premiums alone can increase by more than $2,741 per year. But really, “That’s only $2,741 per year,” you might think, while not considering the thought of what it costs to receive care after having a heart attack, or being diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, not to mention the lost days of life lived, lost days of work, or the stress of having to go through all that.

Most people will tell you straight up how miserable it can be to carry extra weight around every day. Therefore the idea of having to pay more out-of-pocket costs or perhaps being penalized monetarily, makes it even more of a challenge to get ahead financially. If it’s not bad enough to have increased doctors’ visits, more medications, or perhaps having the realization that you’re heading down the same path you maybe saw a parent or loved one go down, U.S. News and World Report ruffles even more feathers. They have actually shown through the course of years in their research, that overweight or obese Americans have smaller pay checks and are shown to have lower productivity.

But, let’s look at things from a totally different perspective now. A person may see those numbers and hear those words and be drawn to the negative thoughts, emotions, and potential responses that create depression, hopelessness, or maybe even anger. They get discouraged and the feeling of being a victim begins to overtake them until they realize, “It doesn’t have to be this way!”

It’s at that moment that they realize that all that can change. If being overweight causes more negative feelings, lack of confidence, depression, low energy and exhaustion, then what would it be like if you lost the weight? If being overweight has been shown to make someone’s income and productivity to be lower, how much more could you make when your productivity goes through the roof? Rather than being potentially depressed and heading down the same path as a suffering loved one, you might ask, “How much better would my health be if I lost the weight?”

You see, when it comes to being overweight, it will always cost you something. In the same sense, however, by losing the weight and making the shift towards better health, improved life, and thriving, it changes everything. Don't waste any more time or money with other diets or programs that haven’t been shown to have the proven success as Vilulu. Make the choice today to get started on your journey towards a better life, while letting your bank account make the gains.

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