Exposing The Underlying Cause To Weight Gain: It May Not Be Your Fault

weight gain may not be your fault

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you’ve probably seen first-hand how obesity has been increasing over the past decades. In fact, more people suffer now from being overweight or obese than ever before.

As a result, there are more “diets” and procedures associated with weight-loss than previously seen in history.

So what is causing this drastic increase, where so many people struggle and find themselves being overweight? Are we all too lazy as a society and need to hit the gym like the media suggests? Do we need to just cut calories or live off of pre-packaged foods and shakes for the rest of our lives? What if we all lined up to have radical surgeries to cut out or shrink part of our stomachs or have embarrassing procedures like lasers just zap all the fat away. Surely that would be the answer, right?

Not likely. Losing weight can be tough. In fact, for most diets and programs being used, it can be extremely tough. It becomes especially difficult to lose weight without having to compromise long-term health effects. Now that’s not the case with Vilulu, as the foundation of our entire program is founded on optimizing the body’s ability to heal, while inspiring to thrive. Therefore, it is amazingly easy to lose the weight while gaining many health benefits. This is what also makes it so easy to sustain long-term weight loss health benefits. But in saying that, there’s definitely a problem that is clearly identifiable, yet people remain desperate for help while trying to lose weight.

Here’s the thing: the "Law of Cause and Effect" essentially states that for every cause there will be an effect…but for every effect there must first be an underlying cause.

To try to lose weight without even considering the underlying cause is foolishness and is a pre-destined approach for failure. To make things worse, most programs also treat everyone the same, not considering all the variables, contributing factors, or individual struggles, complications, and needs.

Here at Vilulu, although there are seemingly endless possibilities to unveiling the underlying potential causes to weight gain, we use our advanced technology to identify as many as possible. To understand that, however, you must first realize that there is not “one-thing.” In other words, too often our society tries to make it appear like we’re all the same. Because of this thinking, everyone is then treated as through a “cookie-cutter” approach. As a result, people find that sometimes they can lose weight for a short while, but later find themselves gaining it all back.

So what is the answer? Why is it that it is so difficult to lose the weight and keep it off?

Well, there is good and bad news. The good news is that your weight gain MAY NOT BE YOUR FAULT. The bad news is, it’s not always easy to identify what’s causing your weight gain.

The truth is, some people do need help in learning how to make better choices. Not everyone has the discipline or understanding of how to figure this out and live this thing called “life” without making mistakes.

In 2012, the World Health Organization released information about chemicals that have been shown to disrupt the endocrine system. These chemicals are the same chemicals that have been cleared to be used in everyday products from cleaning solutions, deodorant, shampoos, make-ups, body sprays, medications, food products, plastics, BPA’s, pesticides, etc... As a result, if your endocrine system is being trashed every day by these harmful chemical disruptors, no amount of exercising, dieting, or calorie counting is ever going to be able to help you achieve lasting results.

You see, all or nearly all weight gain has to do with some type of hormone imbalance. Your hormones and neurotransmitters are ways that your body is able to effectively communicate inside to be able to function, heal, and be well. If your hormones are being thrown into a whirl wind of imbalance along with neurotransmitters, your body cannot heal at its best. This will inevitably cause progressive weight and health problems.

These hormone disrupting chemicals are called “obesogens”. These can be one of over 800 different chemicals used today. As these harmful chemicals are repeatedly used, it causes a breakdown in healthy communication, resulting in an increase in fat cells, a mal-functioning appetite-mechanism, an altered metabolism, and insulin sensitivity problems. This will further compound the imbalances associated with the hormone imbalances leading to weight gain, obesity, and other serious health-related conditions.

Think about the last time you saw someone start a new medication where months later there was significant weight gain. Antidepressants, birth control pills, thyroid medications, steroids, cold medications, etc…

Furthermore, the real danger in most “diets” on the market today is that they completely ignore this factor. Additionally, by using many of the recommended diet pills, fat loss medications, pre-packaged foods and shakes that are recommended, they further disrupt the endocrine system by continually adding more of these chemicals into your daily regimen.

Your health is your most valuable asset in this world. You deserve the best and need a team that fully understands what it takes to lose the weight while building your health. You need a team that embraces the understanding that you were created to thrive and live life to the fullest. As you learn more about our unique advanced technology, protocols, and personalized approach, you’ll find that there is nothing that can be compared. By addressing the underlying cause and learning to identify what your body needs to live a lifetime of health and well-being, your life is restored.

Don’t wait another day, when you can get started losing weight and thriving right away. Give us a call or click here to schedule today.

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