If I Ate Right, Would I Really Need Vaccinations?

If I Ate Right, Would I Really Need Vaccinations?

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Remember, you are a physical, mental, and spiritual being and each of these components needs to be fully nourished and maintained to be truly healthy. Do you doubt that all-knowing God created your body to be defenseless against any other creation? Realize that your body is protected by not one, not two, but three levels of immune system defense –

  1. Physical and chemical barriers: skin, mucous, etc. that serve as a sheet of armor
  2. Innate (Inborn) Immunity: phagocytic cells that serve as patrol men, destroying foreign invaders
  3. Acquired Immunity: your body’s memory bank that allows it to respond quickly to microbes that it has been exposed to in the past.

Your body is fully capable, without injecting it with harmful chemicals and toxic materials, to mount a defense against any and all challenges IF you have supported it and built it up from the best building blocks – good nutrition. Without good nutrition, the “chinks in one’s armor” continue to multiply and leave vulnerable areas for invaders to aim for, just like a crumbling castle wall. For example, if you cut your finger your first order of defense (your skin) is compromised, leaving an opening for germs to cause infection. In the same sense, lacking in even one healthy, necessary nutrient in your body might compromise its effectiveness in identifying and destroying harmful microbes.

What’s even more evident is that when your building blocks are made of junk the final product is made of junk. If you build your house from straw it won’t magically become a brick house when you are finished. If you toxify your body and suppress your immune system by eating tons of sugar, rancid oils, and chemical-laden foods you might as well set fire to your straw house (your body) and watch it burn.

Vaccinations only introduce germs; your body does the rest. The purpose of vaccinations is simply to unnaturally elicit acquired immunity – that is, expose you to parts of or whole microbes that you may or may not have encountered naturally. Your body then responds as it always does, as long it is healthy and strong, by mounting an immune response to the injected germs and remembering how to quickly and effectively fight them in the future. This process would be rather harmless if it weren’t for the fact that vaccines have more in them than just dead germs – aluminum, mercury, preservatives, stem cells, and so on, and on, and on.

Whether you believe in herd immunity or whether you think vaccinations do more harm than good isn’t the real issue. The real issue is simple. You have to have faith that your body was created to heal and protect you all on its own – as long as you give it the tools and resources to do so effectively. If you don’t know how to create the healthiest building blocks to build the healthiest body, just ask!

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